• " I liked drama, D&T and meeting new friends. I'm also looking forward to the science lessons."
  • " Emrys is a great place, I can't wait for all the exciting activities we will be doing."
  • " I enjoyed the transition days, we did lots of fun learning activities. I'm looking forward to moving around to different lessons."
  • " I love the fact that we are encouraged to be more independent in secondary school."
  • " Dare to Achieve @ Emrys ap Iwan Sixth Form. Excellent facilities and a great range of courses."







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan

School Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Lee Cummins Headteacher staff.lcu@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk
Mrs Sue Nichols Deputy Headteacher staff.sn@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk
Mr Ed Howarth Assistant Headteacher staff.eh@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk
Mr Michael Williams Assistant Headteacher staff.mw@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk
Mr Steffan Woodhead Assistant Headteacher staff.sfw@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk
Ms Tracy Peers Business Manager staff.tjp@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk

Pastoral Team

Year Pastoral Leader Email Assistant Leader Email
7 Mrs Lisa Kelly-Roberts staff.lkr Mrs Hilary McCabe staff.hmc
8 Mrs Diane Garth
staff.dmg Mrs Anne Hickey staff.ahi
9 Mr Matthew Jones staff.moj Miss Hannah Lancaster staff.hml
10 Mrs Nichola Seymour staff.ncs Miss Hannah Lancaster staff.hml
11 Mr Darren Doyle-Howson staff.ddh Mrs Sarah Mountford staff.sam
12 and 13 Mr John Seymour staff.jps Miss Anne Hoare staff.aeh

Other Staff

Mrs Ruth Clark, Service Leader ALN    staff.rl@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk

Ms Collette Ryan, Service Leader ABN    staff.crr@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk

Mrs Helen Taylor, Cluster Attendance Leader    staff.hmt@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk

Curriculum Leaders

The areas that are managed by each of our Curriculum Leaders are listed below.  Curriculum Leaders can be contacted by emailing the school on info@emrysapiwan.conwy.sch.uk and including the name of the Curriculum Leader you wish to speak to in the Subject Box of your email.  We always try to respond to emails within 2 working days where possible.

Name of Curriculum Leader Area
Mr N Dickson / Mr S Molloy Mathematics
Mrs K Lorey English
Ms S Roberts Science
Mr R Wood / Miss I Davies Humanities
Mrs S Dolben / Miss C McKenzie Languages
Mr M Derry Art and Design Technology
Mrs L Kestell Performing Arts
Mr M Jones Media
Mrs K Khan Computing
Miss J Myddleton Business
Miss D Green Health and Social Care
Miss K Duggan Physical Education
Mr J Dolben Social Sciences
Mrs E Morris Welsh Baccalaureate